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Soul Coaching® is a powerful programme designed by Denise Linn that anyone can do. It is a process that helps you find meaning and purpose by allowing you to take an honest look at yourself and your life. It also helps you to face any fears you might have, release patterns of negativity and increase your motivation so you can step boldly and joyfully into your future.

The aim of the Soul Coaching® 28 day programme is to help you clear away mental, emotional and physical clutter so you can hear the messages from within. Clearing away that inner debris makes it much easier to connect with your deep inner wisdom and daily guidance from your soul. This helps you to discover your true purpose and find your creativity. When your inner and outer life is in alignment your energy increases and your soul thrives.

Each week of the programme is aligned to an element of nature. In ancient times our ancestors respected and intuitively used nature’s vital elements to create harmony and balance in their daily lives. They recognised that the energy pattern of each element has an influence on the human spirit.

Week 1 – Air focuses on mental clearing, gaining clarification of where you are in your life right now and defining your aims for the future. Air represents transformation and inspiration

Week 2 – Water focuses on emotional clearing and the flow of life. Water is fresh and cleansing it refreshes and renews. It is a symbol of intuition, trust and nurturing

Week 3 – Fire concentrates on spiritual clearing and connecting with your spiritual self. It provides an opportunity to confront fears and take action to enable you to live in the present moment. Fire week also embraces your passions in life

Week 4 – Earth represents grounding and nurturing yourself through physical clearing. It is associated with strengthening your physical self and your connections with your home and with nature

On each day of the programme you will have three levels of exercises from which to choose:

Level 1 – Committed to change will take between 15-30 minutes to complete
Level 2 – Going for it will take around 30-60 minutes and includes Level 1
Level 3 – Playing full out includes all three levels and takes as long as you want

You will be provided with daily meditations and all the information you need for each of the 28 days.

There are other ways to participate in the Soul Coaching® programme. You can decide to do one element per month over a four month period, or one element every three months over a period of one year.

Many people choose to have the support of a Soul Coach for support and guidance while they complete the programme. As your Soul Coach there are other elements of Soul Coaching® I also offer such as a guided Soul Journey, Past Life Journey, Oracle Card Reading or Vision Seed Map. You can also choose whether to work one-to-one, within a group setting or on-line.

Denise and Margaret

Denise and Margaret

Margaret is a Certified Soul Coach and Certified Past Life Coach.

For further information and any questions you may have, please contact her

When you truly acknowledge and accept your innermost feelings, you honour your soul. Remember, the soul loves the truth.

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